Salaatul Haajaat


It is reported from Hazrat Abdullah bin Abi Aufa () that Rasulullah  () is reported to have said that whomsoever has any need from Allah Ta’ala or any person then he should make wudhu thoroughly. Thereafter he should perform two rakaats of salaah, recite praises on Allah Ta’ala and recite durood sharief. Then he should recite this dua:

(Tirmidhi-Vol.1,pg.108 Shaami-Vol.1)

Trans: There is no Deity but Allah, the Most Tolerant, Most Generous.

“The Tolerant” means one who does not hasten in punishing. “The Generous means one who grants favours despite the recipient not being deserving and worthy of it.”
Glory be to Allah the Rabb of the Great throne.All praise is exclusively for Allah, the Rabb of the universe. O Allah, I beg You of that which will guarantee Your Mercy, actions which will make certain Your Forgiveness, a supply of every virtue and freedom from every sin. O Allah, do not leave any sin of mine unpadroned, remove all my worries and fulfill every need of mine which conforms to your pleasure.

Reciting Darood Sharief before and after any dua is a powerful means for the acceptence of that dua. It is reported from Allaamah Shaami that Allaama Abu Ishaaq Ash-Shaatibi has mentioned:

Trans: Durood Sharief  is definitely accepted by Allah Ta’ala. It is unlikely that Allah, The Most Generous will accept one part of dua and reject the other.

Allaamah Abu Sulaymaan Duraani says that dua wherein Darood Sharief is recited before and after it is unlikely that Allah Ta’ala will accept the first and last part of the dua and reject the middle portion. 


Whenever one is faced with any problem related to this world or the hereafter, be it a bodily affliction or a spiritual one i.e. desire to sin, one should perform two rakaats salaatul haajaat with the relevent duas. Thereafter make dua sincerely and repeatedly every day. Allah Ta’ala will create means of overcoming the problems from the unseen. Whomsoever wishes, should take the favours of assistance and generosity from his Lord.


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