Beautiful Sunnah of Beloved Nabi Sualallahu Alaihe Wasallam drinkng water

1. Drink with the right hand since Shaytaan drinks with the left hand. (Muslim)

2. Sit and drink. It is forbidden to drink while standing. (Muslim)

3. Recite before drinking and after drinking. (Tirmidhi)

4. Drink in three breaths (sips). After each sip, separate the utensil from the mouth. (Muslim, Tirmidhi)

5. Do not drink from that side of the utensil which is chipped. (Abu Dawood)

6. Do not drink directly from the chipped, the spout of a jug or from any such utensil from which the water gushes out very quickly (causing one to choke) or from such a utensil in which there is a possibility that a snake or scorpion etc. may have crept in. (Bukhari, Muslim)

7. To recite this Dua, after drinking water (not other drinkables) is also Sunnat.

(Roohul Ma’ani, pg.149, 27th Para )
Trans: All praise is due to Allah, Who of His Mercy has granted us sweet and pleasant water to drink and did not make it bitter and salty due to our Sins.

8. After drinking water, if the utensil is to be passed on to others, pass it to the one on the right who in turn will pass it to the one on his right, and this procedure will continue till the end. (Bukhari , Muslim) The same sequence should be observed when passing around tea or anything else.

9. Recite this Dua after drinking milk.
(Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi)
Trans: O Allah grants us barakah (blessings) in it and grant us more of it.

10. The one serving should drink last. (Tirmidhi)

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