Beautiful Sunnah of Beloved Nabi Sualallahu Alaihe Wasallam some habits, qualities & miscellaneous sunnan

1. Sunnat: When Rasulullah () walked, people were never dispersed to make way for him.

2. Sunnat: Nabi () never forbade the doing of any permissible action. If he intended to fulfill any request made to him, he would respond positively otherwise he would remain silent.

3. Sunnat: He never turned his face away from anyone until that person turned away first. If anyone wished to say something secretly, he would put his ear close to that person and would not move away until that person had finished.

4. Sunnat: When bidding farewell to anyone, he used to recite this dua:


5. Sunnat: When he would witness a pleasing sight, he would recite this dua:

When faced with an unpleasant situation he used to say: (Ibne Majah-pg.278)

6. Sunnat: When meeting with anyone he used to make Salaam first.
(Shamaaile Tirmidhi-pg. 12)

7. Sunnat: When he had to look at anything on his side, he would turn completely towards it. He never looked with side glance as the proud often do.
(Khasaail- Commentary of Shamaail)

8. Sunnat: He used to keep his gaze down at all time. Due to excess of modesty he never looked at someone straight in the face. (Khasaail-pg.12)

9. Sunnat: When dealing with people, he was never hard; rather he preferred to be lenient. Nabi () was extremely compassionate, tolerant and merciful. (Mishkaat-pg.512, Behishti Zewar- Vol.8, pg. 4,5)

10. Sunnat: When walking, he would raise his foot with force, when placing it he slightly inclined forward with humility. He lengthened his stride as though descending from a high place to a low one. (Khasaail- Commentary of Shamaail-pg. 12 , 73)

11. Sunnat: He associated with one and all.( He never thought of himself as more important that the next person.) He would also joke with people.
(Behishti Zewar- Vol.8, pg.4)

12. Sunnat: When any poor person or old woman wished to speak to him, he would sit to listen to that person at the side of the road.
(Behishti Zewar- Vol.8, pg.4)

13. Sunnat: When reciting Qur’aan Sharief in salaah, a sound would emanate from his chest resembling the sound that is given off when a pot is boiling. This was due to the fear of Allah Ta’ala. (Shamaail - pg.188)

14. Sunnat: He cared a lot for his family, seeing that no one is inconvenienced due to him. Hence if he had to leave the house at night he would get up silently, put on his shoes with out a sound, open the door and leave quietly. In the same manner he would enter silently so that those who are asleep are not disturbed. (Mishkaat-pg.280, Behishti Zewar- Vol.8, pg.4)

15. Sunnat: When walking he kept his gaze to the ground. When walking with a group, he walked behind everyone. When anyone approached, he made salaam first.(Shamaail - pg.12)

16. Sunnat: When meeting the influential person of any community, he should be received with respect.

17. Sunnat: Fix a specific time for Ibaadah, a time for the fulfillment of the rights of the family i.e. joking and communicating with them and a time to rest.
(Shamaail-e-Tirmidhi- pg.198)

18. Sunnat: Keep yourself always busy in reciting Darood sharief.(Nashrut-teeb,pg.170)

19. Sunnat: Be kind to the neighbors, respect the elders and show mercy to youngsters. (Mishkaat-Vol.2, pg.424, 423)

20. Sunnat: Meet even those relatives with kindness who does not wish to be sociable. (Mishkaat- pg.519)

21. Sunnat: One should be considerate to those who are not so well off.

22. Sunnat: It is sunnat to place the pillow on the right or the left hand side.
(Shamaail-e-Tirmidhi Ma’a Khasaail-e-Nabawi- pg.76)

23. Sunnat: To joke with one’s wife in order to make her happy is also sunnat.
(Khasaail-Commentary of Shamaail- pg.198)

24. Sunnat: Rasulallah () used to sit cross legged in the Masjid from after Fajar upto Ishraak. He would sit cross legged in the company of the
Sahaaba () as well. (Khasaail-Commentary of Shamaail- pg. 76)
However, it has been mentioned in the kitaabs that for juniors to sit in Tashahhud position in front of seniors displays more humility. (Shaami-Vol.1)

25. Sunnat: To meet one’s Muslim brother with a cheerful face.
(Tirmidhi-Vol.2, pg.8)

26. Sunnat: To ask the owner of the conveyance to sit in front and not to personally sit in front without his express permission is sunnat.


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