Character Building

Khalid Patel has been in the teaching profession for 17 years. Initially in a independent Islamic school for 5 years then moving onto an inner city state secondary school with an on-roll of 1050 students. He has considerable pastoral experience being head of year and head of ICT department and is has planned, developed, delivered and implemented "a character building" training module for students and staff. He has visited many Canadian schools and developed this character building strategy and has delivered to many institutes.

With the development and success of FCPM over 4 years now has extended this strategy to "character building with the lifestyle of our Prophet Muhammad suallallahu alaihe wasallam."

We would like to invite you to book a session with your establishment for staff and students (groups up to 50)
The session is for 1 hour, interactive group workshop, covering the following areas:-

- character building
- Sunnah lifestyle
- communication skills
- how to apply in personal jobs and lives

You will need to provide a venue, and possibly projector, screen, laptop facilities.

This is a initial free session so don't miss out.

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