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Allah has blessed me to spend more time on this thread
Remembering our dear Prophet goodness he did spread

Let us not a waste a moment by not following his sunnah

Guide our eyes against sinfull gaze
Adopt the sunnah of the eyes and taste the sweetness of imaan you'll be amazed

Guide your tongue against evil speech
Adopt the sunnah of the tongue and only to Allah can you then reach

Guide your ears from hearing evil
Adopt the sunnah of the ears and Love for the Prophet can you fully comprehend

Seeking his sunnah In every situation come what may
We will follow our dear Prophet till the last day
Oh people take heed for he was the best example in deed
Our Salvation at the hour of our utmost need

May it not be we remorse when it is too late
Everyone has a fixed and appointed date

What sorrow and anguish would we feel
If the angels turn us away from us The Final Seal

In my days of ignorance deeds like germs I did breed
Until I met My Shaikh who planted a seed
Tending to my heart and kindling the Prophets love
Grateful to ALLah's favours from high up above

From head to toe my only desire is to find and follow
The Sunnah of the Prophet a path to Allah's Pleasure
For others it's hardship for the ashiqeen pure and refined Leisure
What do I know of love

No ones name is sweater than his

What do I know of loyalty
Only, worth following it is the path thats his

In what manner can I honour,
Such a high status that ALLAH has promised is his

Ya Rahman Suali wa salim alanabi il Burhan

O Compassionate! Shower Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, who is clear proof of your mercy.
 No one created comes near him in praise
His perfect Manner and conduct sublime
Preserved forever as the best example
Allahs perfect gift to all of mankind

Even in old age his beauty did shine
piercing the hearts of the believers
A force against shaytaans evil design

Silent and lonely in the stillness of the night
Thoughts of Our Prophet make my soul shine so bright
Reciting Durood, taking his name with calm and ease
Letters passing my lips like the fresh morning breeze

From dawn till dusk, and dusk till dawn
Hear the muadhin bear witness
Filling the air like the fresh summer lawn

No one created comes near him in praise
His perfect Manner and conduct sublime
Preserved forever as the best example
Allahs perfect gift to all of mankind

Our Dear Master , Most Exalted, Sublime,
Our Dear Beloved Prophet Prince of Mankind

Indeed you gave the true meaning to the saying "One of a Kind"

Indeed your name gave water to this baron tree
Indeed do I feel in your separation anguish and pain
Indeed by Allahs command joy and happiness in the same
Indeed do I feel hope and in that comfort in my sinful bruised heart
Your blessed name brings solace, touches the depths of my heart
Indeed your name blisters evils and whispers into the dark

Oh my beloved ALLAH, you who granted us this greatest of bounties
make his remembrance into actions that which you approve
and reunite us, with the one who thou wanted to please
Twiddling my fingers
searching my heart and soul in agony
to contribute a word worthy
in praise of our Prophet
and be part of this blessed thread

Oh Allah let the light of our Prophet Shine and be our guiding star
Through our journey and forever more
at the pool of Kauthar
through our deeds which we have made so distant far

In the midst of my loneliness and despair
I remember him and everything is clear
He is our Dear Prophet, with so much love
it encompasses everyone and plenty to spare

Oh my lost soul where are you searching
the Garden is here
right in my heart in the memory of Your Beloved Prophet

So much time I have wasted on futile argumentions on this board
overlooking the treasure which the Lovers of our Prophet hoard
Virtue is in his Praise as the neglectful in the dark gaze

Graze to your hearts content
for his blessed name is rich in Goodness
And Thank Allah for this Gift with our heads bent day and night

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