Musa was desirous to see Allah

But Allah was desirous to see you.

How can Tur Sina compare to Miraj?

How can earth compare to the heavens?

How can Yusuf’s beauty compare to yours?

He was the beloved of Zulaikha, you are the beloved of Allah.

Veiled in the secret of humanity is your flawless beauty

Unknown to all that you are part of the beauty of Allah.

Prophets and Angels cannot claim the same nearness as you.

You are the beloved of Allah, the Proud.

Everyone else is an outsider.

Many a times the moon has tried to rival your beauty.

But never could it present splendor close to yours.

How can I boast affiliation to you?

I am as unclean as you are pure and chaste.

I would not be surprised if for your sake

The sins of your nation are counted as acts of obedience.

The crimes of your nation are considered so precious,

The least of your nation be showered with a thousand blessings.

Depending on your intercession my rebelliousness increased,

I am sinful, I am disobedient, but still I belong to you.

Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanotwi. Rahmatullahi alaihi.

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