Beautiful Sunnah of Beloved Nabi Sualallahu Alaihe Wasallam 12 sunnan of Sajdah

1. To say the Takbeer while going into Sajdah. (Shami-Vol.1, pg. 352)

2. To place both knees on the ground first. (Shami-Vol.1, pg. 398 and Tahtaawee- pg.145)

3. Thereafter to place both the hands on the ground.(Shami-Vol.1 and Tahtaawee- pg.145)

4. To place the nose on the ground. (Shami-Vol.1 and Tahtaawee- pg.145)

5. Lastly to place the forehead on the ground. (Shami-Vol.1 and Tahtaawee- pg.145)

6. The head should be placed between the two hands on the ground. (Ibid)

7. To keep a gap between the stomach (abdomen) and the thighs. The arms should not touch the sides of the body. (Tahtaawee- pg.146)

8. The elbows should be kept off the ground (i.e. raised). (Tahtaawee- pg.146)

9. To recite at least thrice whilst in Sajdah.

10. To recite Takbeer whilst getting up from Sajdah. (Shami-Vol.1, pg. 352 )

11. When getting up from Sajdah, first the forehead, then the nose, then the hands and lastly the knees should be raised. (Shami-Vol.1, pg. 368 and Tahtaawee pg.145)

12. One should pause and sit with ease between the two Sajdahs. (Tahtaawee pg.146)

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