Beautiful Sunnah of Beloved Nabi Sualallahu Alaihe Wasallam 8 sunnan of Ruku

1. To say the Takbeer of Ruku. (Tahtaawee- pg.144)

2. To grasp the knees with the hands. (Tahtaawee- pg.145)

3. Whilst grasping the knees the fingers should be spread apart. (Ibid)

4. To keep the back straight. (Shami-Vol.1, pg. 365)

5. To keep (the calf of the legs) straight i.e the section from the ankles to the knee. (Shami-Vol.1, pg. 365)

6. To keep the head and the lower back in a straight line. (Shami-Vol.1, pg. 365)

7. To read thrice in Ruku. (Tahtaawee- pg.144)

8. Whilst getting up from Ruku, the Imam should say in a loud voice, whilst the followers should say . If one is performing Salaah alone, one should recite both (softly). One should stand and pause with ease after the Ruku before going into Sajdah. (Shami-Vol.1, pg. 327)

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