Beautiful Sunnah of Beloved Nabi Sualallahu Alaihe Wasallam a few important teachings of Deen

Whomsoever has obeyed Rasulullah () has (in reality) obeyed Allah Ta’ala. (Para-5, Ruku. 8)

1. Rasulullah () is reported to have said:
“The one who does not show mercy to our young and does not respect our old, nor does he advise people to do good and prevent them from doing evil is not from amongst us.” (Tirmidhi)

2. “Anyone who causes harm to wealth or body or any Muslim brother or decieves him is accursed.” (Tirmidhi)

3. “Live in the world like a traveler.” (Bukhari Sharief)

4. “A true Muslim is one whom other Muslims are safe from the harm of his tongue and hand.” (Bukhari)

5. “The punishment for the disobedience towards parents afflicts one in this world as well.”(Mishkaat Sharief)

6. “Appreciate five things before five.”

a. Youth before old age.

b. Good health before sickness.

c. Prosperity before poverty.

d. Free time before becoming pre-occupied.

e. Life before death.


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