Beautiful Sunnah of Beloved Nabi Sualallahu Alaihe Wasallam before sleeping

1. It is substantiated from hadith that Rasulullah () rested at sometime or the other on the following.

a. A mat made from palm leaves.

b. A chatai (straw mat)

c. A mat made from cloth

d. On the ground

e. On a wooden bed

f. On a bed

g. On skin and hide

(Zaadul Ma’ad)

2. It is Sunnat to sleep in the state of wudhu.(Abu Dawood)

3. Before climbing into bed, dust the bed thrice with the corner of your clothes. (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, Ibne Majah)

4. Before sleeping say and do the following:

5. Close the door

6. Put out the lamp.*

7. Fasten the mouth of the lather water bag.

8. Cover the utensils. **

9. If one cannot find any thing with which to cover the utensil then one should place a stick across the top of the utensil. (Muslim-Vol.2, pg..170)

10. It is forbidden to engage in story-telling after Esha. It is better to sleep immediately after salaah. It is permissible to remain awake for listening to lectures and advices and to earn one’s livelihood.

11. When going to sleep it is Sunnat to apply Surmah thrice in each eye for both males and females. (Shamaa’ile Tirmidhi)

12. Before sleeping recite some verses and some surahs of Qura’an Sharief, eg. Alhamadu, Aayatul Kursi, Surah Mulk (tabaarakallazee), the four Quls and Durood Sharief. If one is unable to recite so much then at least recite a few surahs as this is the foundation for salvation in this world and hereafter.

13. Before sleeping, recite Tasbeeh Faatima punctually i.e. 33-times 33-times and 34-times
(Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi)

14. Sleeping on the right hand side and facing qiblah is Sunnat. (Shamaa’ile Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood-Vol.2, pg.332). To sleep with one’s chest facing the floor and back facing the sky is forbidden. (Tirmidhi-Vol.2, pg.105, Abu Dawood-Vol.2, pg.331)

15. After lying down recite this dua:

(Bukhari-Vol.2, pg.935, Muslim-Vol.2, pg.349,Tirmidhi-Vol.2, pg.177)

16. Thereafter recite this dua:
(Bukhari, Muslim)

17. Before sleeping recite this istighfaar thrice:

(Tirmidhi-Vol.2, pg.177)

19. If one sees a frightening dream and one’s eyes open, sputter(to make a spitting sound) to the left thrice and recite thrice. Also change one’s position to the other side and sleep. (Muslim-Vol.2, chapter of dreams)

* It has been mentioned in the hadith that shaytaan instructs the mouse to drag along the candle which become the means of starting a fire. (Hisne--Haseen together with translation called “FadhlulMubeen”)
** It is mentioned in Muslim Sharief that there is one night in the year wherein plague descends. If this plague has to pass over any open utensil, then a portion of that plague definitely falls into it. (Muslim-Vol.2, pg..171)

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