Beautiful Sunnah of Beloved Nabi Sualallahu Alaihe Wasallam of Walimah

1. After the first night, to invite one’s friends, relatives, family and the poor for the Walimah is Sunnat. It is not necessary to prepare a great amount of food. A little food prepared according to one’s means and feed a few relatives or friends will suffice in fulfilling the Sunnat. The worst Walimah is that Walimah where only the rich and the irreligious are invited and the poor, destitute and the pious are left out. One should avoid attending such Walimah.

( Bukhari- Vol.2, pg. 778 )
When hosting a Walimah make the intention of fulfilling the Sunnat. Invite the poor, destitute and the pious. one may invite from the rich whomsoever one wishes while ensuring that the poor are not left out. There is no reward for that Walimah which is hosted for show or to impress people. Instead, it is feared that such a Walimah will invite the wrath and displeasure of Allah Ta’ala.

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