Beautiful Sunnah of Beloved Nabi Sualallahu Alaihe Wasallam Wudhu

1. There are eighteen sunnats in Wudhu. By fulfilling these sunnats, one’s Wudhu will be perfected.

2. Make the intention of Wudhu eg.“ I am performing Wudhu to make Salaah permissible”. (Nisai- Chapter regarding intention in Wudhu, pg.12)

3. Recite
In some narrations the following words have also been narrated which could be recited.
(Maraaqi Ma’a Tahtaawe, pg, 37)
and in some narrations is also mentioned. (Majma’uz Zawaa’id)
It is sunnat to recite the following Dua whilst performing Wudhu.
(Amalul youm wal lailah of Nasai)

4. Wash both hands upto the wrists.. (Abu Dawood, Vol.1, pg.15 Mun Abi AlQamah)

5. Clean the teeth with Miswaak. If one does not have a Miswaak, rub the teeth with the fingers (Maraqiyul Falah, pg. 37-38)

6. Gargle the mouth thrice.(Abu Dawood, Vol.1, pg.14)

7. Put water into the nostrils and clean the nostrils by blowing thrice. (Abu Dawood, Vol.1, pg.14-15)

8. If one is not fasting, gargle and put water into the nostrils thoroughly (Abu Dawood, pg.19, Maraqiyul Falah, pg. 39)

9. Wash each limb thrice. (Bukhari-Vol.1, pg.27)

10. Make Khilaal of the beard. (To pass wet fingers through the beard) when washing the face
Note: The Sunnat method of making Khilaal of the beard is that after washing the face thrice, take water in the palm, bring it into the chin and rub outwards from the palate, passing the fingers through the beard and say
(Shami-Vol.1, pg.87)

11. When washing the hands and feet, make Khilaal of the fingers and toes
(Abu Dawood, Vol. 1, pg 19)

12. Make Masah of the entire head once. (Si’aayah- Vol.1 pg. 132, Shami Vol.1)

13. Together with Masah of the head, make Masah of the ears.
(Nasai-Vol.1 pg.16, Shami - Vol.1 pg.89)

14. Rub the limbs when washing them.(Maraaqi- pg.40)

15. Make wudhu in quick succession.(Maraaqi- pg.40)

16. Make wudhu in sequence ( Hidaayah- Vol.1)

17. Commence from the right side.
( Bukhari- Chapter of beginning on the right in Wudhu, pg.28)

18. Commence Masah of the head from the front
(Bukhari- Vol.1, pg. 31. narrated from Abdullah Ibne Zaid )

19. Make Masah of the nape. Do not make Masah of the throat. This is a Bid’at (innovation). (Maraaqi- pg.41)

20. After wudhu recite the Shahaadah:

And then recite this dua:

(Tirmidhi- Vol. 1, pg 18)
Trans: O Allah, include me amongst those who repent excessively and amongst those who purify themselves.
Note: Regarding the above Dua Mullah Ali Qaari has written in Mirqaat, commentary of Mishkaat, that while Wudhu purifies one externally, this dua is a supplication for internal purity. It is as though one is supplicating that, “O Allah, we have cleansed ourselves externally, which was within our power. O Allah, you now purify us internally as well, through your mercy.

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